3Base –The Power of Knowing

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Knowledge is Power- it’s that simple. Knowledge of who your customers are and what they want enables your business to focus its attention in the right areas; anticipating customers’ needs and growing your profits. Knowing everything you need to know about your vendors lets you manage your relationships more efficiently.

Every contemporary business holds a wealth of data about their clients, suppliers and employees. 3Base lets you manage this information in the most efficient way possible- making it easier to make better business decisions and concentrate on the challenge of meeting your customers’ needs.

3Base is Israel’s leading boutique technology company. Our talented tech teams build bespoke tools that help you analyze, filter and understand the information that your business needs to know.

At 3Base our expertise is to create tailored scalable software solutions that manage the data you already hold and gather the information you need to know; large scale clickstream analysis, content classification, online advertising and predictive modeling. 3Base gives you the tools to make decisions which keep your customers happy and grow your bottom line.