Together with 3Base we built a professional R&D team capable of deploying innovative software services for our iconic global customers. There’s always a feeling we work with someone we can rely on.

Eduardo Alperin, Software Manager- Powermat Technologies LTD

3Base has provided us with outsourced services in SW Development and Testing for almost four years. Recently, we released some of our technology products and services in a cloud-based form. The women of 3Base played a significant part in the development of server components and worked well alongside our development teams. From the outset, we received the right reinforcements and field architecture. In 3Base we found a real partnership, dedication and professionalism. This is an opportunity to thank 3Base for their contribution to the momentum of Sarine Technologies.

Tomer Lev, Director of Software Development- Sarine Technologies

We started collaborating with 3Base in Sep, 2012. Our biggest concern was the communication gap with the 3base team sitting in a different location. The dedication, rofessionalism and enthusiasm of the 3Base’s team as well as the competence, willingness and desire of 3Base’s management to resolve problems and advance our projects made this a non-issue. The 3base testing team is responsible for handling much of the testing of our multi-platform enterprise product and became an integrated part of our workflows and company culture.

Oren Geva, Director, R&D Operations- WatchDox LTD

Working with 3Base enabled us to extend our development and QA teams. The team is very professional and dedicated. No development task is too big for them and they accomplish fantastic results. We have daily conference calls between 3Base team and the UK development team, collaborating on a daily basis to get the development tasks done to spec. The 3Base management team is a great bonus. They support us in every aspect from the everyday running of the team to technical advice. The 3Base management team is there for us whenever weneed them. I’d recommend 3Base to any company looking to expand their team with professional and bright people.

Danny Ogen, CTO- Fitbug Ltd

We’ve been working with 3Base since 2012. Being a small company, we needed the 3Base employees working with us to participate in the early design phases and to adapt quickly to our R&D procedures and tools. With the encouragement of 3Base’s management the team adjusted and became an integral part of our R&D team. 3Base is responsive to our needs and we gladly recommend a collaboration with 3Base to companies of all sizes!

Nadav Kenneth, CEO – of Qrative

Our department develops various custom solutions for our lead clients. 3Base built a team for us that was able to delve into each technology we needed, extending its capacity when necessary. Together we have built great solutions, ranging from platform integrations involving UI and API to cloud-based serving solutions.

Uri Dor, Custom Applications Team Leader- Sizmek