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3Base – Our Service is Solutions

3Base is Israel’s leading boutique development center for creating bespoke, scalable software solutions in Big Data, Mobile and the Cloud. We also work on developing new technologies according to our clients’ needs.

3Base implements a variety of scalable software solutions, tailored to the exact needs of your company. At 3Base we create customized software solutions which capture previously unavailable information, enabling you to quickly integrate this vital data into your analysis and decision making.

Our bespoke software solutions enable your business to expand internal and external data sources, such as through e-mail and call transcription, which captures valuable business information in, real-time, across various business units.

3Base creates personalized software packages which gives your business the ability to handle massive amounts of data. Our custom-built solutions give you the perspective your business needs to succeed while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

3Base specializes in end to end web and mobile solutions for both Israeli and international

customers, training and recruiting experts in the specific technologies that your business needs to succeed.

3Base work out of our boutique development center, where our high quality, specialist staff enjoy a stable and intellectually stimulating environment. Our services are suitable for both Israeli and international clients interested in product development or new technology.

How our service works
  1. We find out what your business needs.
  2. We build a profile of the professional skills required for your project to succeed.
  3. We locate, interview and recruit a specialist or team with expertise in the technology to develop the specific capabilities you require. We won’t hire someone until we make sure they are the right match for your business.
  4. We set-up an on-site, near-site or offshore presence to maximize efficiency and the benefits of working in partnership, while ensuring that the development team is always on hand at every step of the process from characterization right through to delivery.
  5. Projects can be client-managed and client-led, jointly managed or exclusively run by 3Base.

You choose how much you rely on the assets, knowledge and management of 3Base, depending on your business’ needs.

3Base’s services offer professional service, efficiency and strategic backing throughout the development process and ongoing support through to delivery and beyond. The result is always a bespoke technological solution that adds value, and which helps your business to thrive.